"BarCamp brings people together to share their passion!"

What Is BarCamp ?

Unlike typical conferences, BarCamp has no preset of speakers. BarCamp is a user-generated conference primarily focused around technology and entrepreneurship.

BarCamp participants get to:

That means, the speaker lineup is generated by everyone who comes (including you) on that day itself. We can't wait to see what everyone will share and learn in this BarCamp!

BarCamp is FREE for all, open for public. So mari-mari come!


Public Transport

  1. Take KLIA Transit to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya station.
  2. Take taxi to Multimedia University Faculty of Computing and Informatics, or
  3. Take the bus Nadi Putra 520 to MMU.


  1. Just find MMU Cyberjaya on your navigation app.
  2. Once you are inside there will be road signs showing you where to park!

I Want To Give A Talk

Just to let others know what topic you are going to propose during the event day and to avoid repetition of topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we talk about in BarCamp?

Speakers are encouraged to conduct sessions that are related to technology, entrepreneurship, and education (coz we are in Cyberjaya and in university right?). But, you can also talk about any other topics that you like, as long as other participants vote on it.

Speakers should refrain from touching on sensitive topics such as politics and religions.

How many tracks are there, and how long is each session?

There will be 5 simultaneous tracks. Each session will be roughly 45 minutes long.

What equipment is there at the venues and what do I need to bring?

Each MMU FCI classroom is equipped with:

If your device (such as MacBook or iPads) does not have VGA output, please bring your own VGA adapter.

And foods?

There will be free Halal lunch provided. Also, if you signed up as a vegan, we will do our best to make it easy for you.


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